Luke Treat

Sports: an emotional stimulant.

In reflections on June 7, 2010 at 11:19 pm

We immerse ourselves in sports so we can feel. We feel the hope of our strong-armed, charismatic quarterback marching our team down the field in the fourth quarter comeback. We feel our hearts stop, our lungs freeze, when that Hail Mary pass floats majestically, lace over lace, seemingly for hours. We feel betrayed when our hometown coach, our pal, our fearless leader, leaves town for another team. We feel the anxiety when the clock stops at 00:00, the score is tied, and sudden death overtime seemingly glares with an evil snarl. We feel the devastation when the last second field goal kick slams into the goal post and dejectedly tumbles to the turf. And we also feel the exuberance when our team rushes onto the field, amidst a rain of confetti and fireworks, as each player takes turns hoisting the Lombardi Trophy in the ultimate fist-pump. The men and women that call these games truly have an art form. They shape our minds and hearts as clay for the sculptor, canvas and oil for the painter, and a pen and paper for the poet.


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