Luke Treat

So Long Big 12, Goodbye Rivalries

In College Football on June 10, 2010 at 3:40 pm

The Red River Shootout, The Border War, Bedlam Series, and The Lone Star Showdown rivalries are likely to be no more. Nebraska, who bolted for the Big Ten yesterday is causing a domino effect of teams fleeing the Big 12 and finding homes in other conferences. The Big 12 will be dead in less than a month.

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Texas and Oklahoma, (arguably the two top juggernauts in the conference), said they would only stay if Nebraska did the same, but now it’s a crap shoot. All the executives in Texas are working tirelessly to preserve what is left of the once romantic football conference. It’s a little too late.

The Pac-10, licking it’s chops to grab up the stunned programs, was approved for expansion late Wednesday afternoon. The Pac-10 moved fast by picking up Colorado, eager to nab the Denver market. So what does this mean for the rest of the teams?

  • University of TexasThe Longhorns will push to go SEC. This is one of the top athletic programs in the nation top to bottom. The football team can compete with the best in country and will be a good fit. The basketball team will have great success against a weaker SEC East. The baseball team also will compete with some of the best teams in college baseball, and compete well.
  • Missouri University – The Tigers will follow Nebraska to the Big Ten. The Big Ten have been aggressively soliciting Mizzou for months. Now that the Huskers made the first move, the Tigers will follow suite. The football team will be more competitive than in the Big 12, with a weaker football conference, and should be a good move. The basketball team will struggle with the likes of Wisconsin, Ohio State, and possibly Pittsburgh, whom I also believe will make the move from the Big East. The baseball team should dominate the Big Ten.
  • Oklahoma University – The Sooners will go SEC along with Texas. This is such a bitter rivalry and being a Southern power house school, will fit well with the current teams in place. The football team can compete with SEC teams and will strengthen the already dominate football conference. The basketball team will struggle with Texas and other up and coming SEC East teams but should match up enough to be a good fit. The baseball team will face the best teams in the land, garnering better recruiting and ultimately will be able to compete in a couple years.
  • Kansas University The Jayhawks have to be sick. They are a perennial national contender in basketball and within the last four season or so, have been very competitive in the Big 12 North. Nevertheless, Kansas will be forced to shift to the Mountain West. Recruiting, exposure and revenue will all decrease. The athletics, however, will increase. Football, basketball, and baseball will all have better records due to the depleted pool of competitive teams.
  • Texas A&M – The Aggies will join Colorado in the Pac-10. The football, basketball, and baseball programs should all benefit with the switch. The rivalries will find themselves as teams compete with new west coast foes. Revenue and recruiting may decrease at first, but ultimately it will strengthen the Pac-10.
  • Oklahoma State University The Cowboys would love to join the SEC, but that is highly unlikely. The Cowboys will go to the Mountain West, and along with Kansas, should improve all the programs winning records, but will decline in recruiting and revenue.
  • Texas Tech This is the hardest school to project. The Raiders will seek out the Pac-10 and they should get approved. Likewise, there is a chance they might have to settle for the WAC. This would surely be devastating for a good football and basketball school. Texas Tech will be interesting to follow in the next couple of weeks.
  • Kansas State University – The Wildcats will not lose their only genuine rivalry: the Sunflower Showdown with KU. Thus, they will move to the Mountain West. Unlike the Jayhawks, this is a much better fit for the Wildcats as they have been struggling to compete in the Big 12 for almost a decade.
  • Baylor University – The Bears are a lock for the WAC. The football program, (although has shown glimpses of success have been a weak link in the Big 12), will benefit from the weaker conference. The basketball and baseball programs will suffer… again, recruiting, winning records, and revenue alike.
  • Iowa State – The Cyclones are another tough team to project; they could go to the Big Ten, (if they’re lucky), Mountain West, or Conference USA. They will slip to the MAC. The Cyclones haven’t really been too competitive for too long. They should compete well with the MAC teams, but again, will loose recruiting, revenue, etc.

This certainly will be interesting to see where the teams may wander. The Big 12 will be missed, but ultimately it’s going to strengthen the SEC and the PAC-10.

  1. Okay…whose idea was this…and what was wrong with the way it has been for generations? I for one will miss the big 12 rivalries, and am saddened that they are being dismissed as out-of-date like the Ford Pinto.

  2. I doubt Texas will go to the SEC. It is more likely they will go to the PAC 10. There is more money for them there and a weaker division. And with a 16 team conference, there is a better shot at 2 BCS bids, thus the winner of the divisions not only the conference will go to a BCS game. Where Texas goes, so goes the South. Well to an extent, Oklahoma will follow UT, as will OSU and Tech. A&M is a wildcard, most likely they will go to the PAC 10 with Texas, but they are in talks with the SEC as well and I believe it will ultimately be a legislative decision that factors in most on the A&M decision. Baylor, is well, they are Baylor, I suspect they will either go to the MWC or C-USA like most of the teams from the Big XII North.

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