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Gritty Celtics Go Back To L.A. With Momentum

In NBA on June 14, 2010 at 1:45 am

BOSTON – For the first time throughout the NBA Finals, the ball seemed to bounce in Boston’s favor. The Celtics out rebounded, out scored, out battled, and out hustled their west coast rivals mounting a 91-86 win.

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Kevin Garnett picked up where he left off in game three in the first quarter with six points and five rounds. Rajon Rondo also played great in the first quarter, contributing six points, two boards, and three assists. They would both finish the game with 18 points a piece.

Despite the Lakers clutch shooting throughout the game, (which kept them competitive during the contest), they couldn’t overcome the avalanche of defense and hustle of the Celtics. Boston’s defense eliminated any passing lanes for the Lakers, as well as out hustling them, using fast break points to outrun the Laker defense up and down the court. Boston had 14 points off the fast break opposed to L.A.’s three.

Since there isn’t a human being on planet Earth that can contain Kobe Bryant, (achieving immortality with the last 5 ½ minutes in the 3rd), the Celtics decided to let Kobe roam free and turned their attention to shutting down his teammates. Bryant led his team in scoring with 38 points, (only had 10 in the first half, however), but the second leading scorer, Pau Gasol, could only chip in 12 points, shooting 41% from the field. The Lakers, as a whole, could only muster 39% shooting against a gritty Boston defense.

The C’s fouled early and often, (going back to the first quarter), with four of the five starters reaching four fouls respectively. Regardless, the home team’s starters combined for 79 points, with Paul Pierce leading the way scoring 27 points.

Deep in the post, the match-ups made for hard-nosed basketball. Garnett vs. Gasol had 18-12 points along with 10-12 rebounds; KG also had two blocks. Perkins vs. Bynum had 4-6 points with Perkins grabbing almost all of the boards (7) as compared to Bynum’s lone rebound. Points in the paint played in the home team’s favor once again as the Celtics scored 46 points in the paint against the Lakers 32.

Rondo couldn’t be caught all game, seemingly lubricated with snot, slicing up the Laker defense. In other words, his performance made you forget he had 10 turnovers. His defender, Derek Fisher (the quiet assassin), showed a ton of heart hustling all game, even winning a jump ball in the 4th against KG. Fisher couldn’t find his shot, going 2-9 from the field.

The Lakers kept hanging around like mosquitoes on a hot August night, never straying from a ten point deficit for most of the second half. The Western Conference champs would get as close 82-87 in the fourth, but the scrappy Boston club determined they would  not let the Lakers snuff out their lead.

The series now goes back to Los Angeles, where the Celtics have the upper-hand in the series 3-2, not to mention all the momentum. As bruising as the last two games have been, expect to see the forthcoming games to be a heavyweight bout; both teams will shoot out of the corners swinging, hoping to add another trophy to their already historic trophy cases.

  1. The Lakers are history! The Celtics are going back to California to seal the championship; regardless of the odds.

    Go Boston!

  2. It would behoove the Celtics to wrap it up tomorrow night, but my gut tells me it’s going to go seven games.

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