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Lucas Treat: Sun setting on Big Three

In Columns, NBA on June 18, 2010 at 5:24 pm

Dear KG, Truth, and Ray-Ray,

Thanks for the memories. It seems, though, that your services may no longer be adequate in a quest for a championship. I hate to do it, but it’s over. It’s been a fun ride.

Best of luck,


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It seems harsh, but Reality can be that way to all of us. The cash cow known as the “Big Three” has ran dry. The Good Doctor is leaving town. The lingering stench of defeat is being blown around by the winds of an unclear future.

Remember back to the pre-Big Three era, Paul Pierce and … exactly. Wally Szczerbiak , Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, Ryan Gomes and the guy that Cleveland fans think banged LeBron’s mom. The team had some young promising players but the front office said to hell with them, and injected future hall of famers (Garnett and Allen) into the line-up. Veteran steroids via Danny Ainge.

The hype-train of the summer of ’07 was quickly justified by the Celtics impressive turn around, (and it had better be an impressive turn around with three future hall of famers in the line-up.) going from a record of 24-58, a franchise worst, to 66-16.

The legacy was just beginning. The Celtics would go on and obliterate the Lakers in game six of the NBA finals, restoring a championship basketball team to Boston. The 2008 Celtics sprinted toward a 27-2 record, the best starting record in NBA history. They also had a pair of 10-plus game winning streaks (19, a franchise record, and 12, respectively), not seen since past Celtics glory days (1985–86 season). Both streaks, however, were snapped by their previous year’s Finals opponents, the  Lakers who would later go on to win the 2009 NBA Finals.

Then the steroids started to show up in the injuries.

February 19, 2009, KG strains his right knee against the Jazz attempting an alley-oop. Garnett’s sick knee would restrain him for the remainder of the regular season as well as the entire 2009 post-season. Garnett had his tendons reattached to his knee with staples…  That’s some serious poop. I can barely watch syndicated ER episodes, let alone picture some white bearded, (why he has a white beard is beyond me), doctor take loose strands of spaghetti tendons, take a staple gun and force them to the kneecap. You’re welcome for that image burning into your skull and churning your stomach.

Unlike KG, Ray Allen was able to stay healthy most of time. And you can’t deny the guy has one of the sweetest shots in the history of the game, but after his game two heroics, Allen suffered from a bruise on his thigh which prevented him from getting any lift on his shots. Thus, he was a ghost in the ’10 finals after game two, and due to his inability to make shots this series, he will be playing for a team next season. But not in Boston.  The steroids couldn’t find Allen’s 3-point shot (No pun intended. Lame joke, however, intended.).

Paul “The Truf” Pierce has been the consistent, albeit often moodier than a 16-year-old high school chic, spark plug the Celtics need. The guy takes shots. He makes them and he misses them (Thank you, John Madden). The second half of this series, The Truf struggled to find his shot, but Celtics fans have an unlimited grace for this guy. It has to be attributed to the fact that he’s been there for so long and Boston fans have a habit of forgiving town heroes, (i.e. Kevin Millar would be placed in the heart of the Sox line-up if he suited up in the clubhouse today.)

Veteran steroids can’t keep the Big Three from unraveling.

Doc Rivers is the best coach in the league not named Phil Jackson. He says he wants to step away from the game and spend time with his family. Admirable, but nevertheless a lie. Rivers has been known to “stretch the truth” to the media and this is another case. He knows the Big Three is done. He knows KG’s knee may not ever be the same. He knows Ray-Ray is packing his bags. He knows Paul Pierce will be cheered for every missed shot (which has to be hell to coach him). Doc is stepping away from the Big Three v. 2.0 with his reputation and dignity in tact.

This is neither here nor there. The Lakers beat the Celtics in game seven after beating the snot out each other during the course of the series.

The Los Angeles Lakers nabbed the title away from the Celtics in the fourth quarter, overcoming a 13 point deficit. The Celtics lead from the get-go, but offensive rebounds and the C’s inability to make timely shots when it mattered, (The most! C’mon, game seven, fourth quarter… No one could answer?) kept the Lakers in the game.

The team that won the battle of the boards each game went on to secure the victory. Early on, the Celtics were scoring points and stayed ahead of the Lakers. Still, rebound upon rebound, the Lakers dominated the glass. Should have seen this coming.

Kobe said it best, “C’mon you guys know me, I don’t forget.”

I guess he didn’t forget about how he felt after game six in 2008. But most assuredly, he won’t forget about The Big Three. And neither shall we.

  1. Great article man it was indeed a very entertaining game 7. Can you check out my blog cuz I really wanna hear your thoughts.

  2. Good article. Not your best. I thought a little too much of your disappointment in the Celtics losing read through. Perhaps thats what you wanted. To me, it was less enjoyable reading than your others.

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