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Lucas Treat: Why I’m watching the NBA draft instead of playing Madden

In College Basketball, Columns, NBA on June 24, 2010 at 5:14 pm

Hi, my name is Lucas Treat and I’m an addict (Hiiiiiiiiii, Luke). Madden. It consumes to the point where in my free time I tend to think about how my players are progressing and which hot shot college prospect is going to lead my team to the Super Bowl. I even play Madden with a notebook and scribble game notes, tendencies, roster updates… (I don’t know how I have a girlfriend, to be honest.)

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My dog even gets excited when I grab my Xbox360 controller and plop down (sometimes for days, okay that’s not true… well, maybe I did do that once but it was a rough patch and… never mind.) as she gets to snuggle up next me, and in my own mind, she is just as absorbed into the fantasy world as me.

After repeated efforts in communication with Dr. Drew and his MTV reality show, Celebrity Rehab, he told me if I ever called him again he’d have me whacked by his underground Hollywood mafia. He apparently doesn’t realize the enormous exposure (okay, well, about four readers) and how this is column will rip across the internet like a Jonas Brothers video on Youtube with the pre-teen demographic, and plummet his ratings.

I was born to play Madden. My birthday usually falls within five days of the annual Madden release in August. Thus, I will always get a copy of Madden for my birthday (My parents have it easy when it comes to birthday suggestions). And with August right around the corner, I want to try and play this year’s copy as much as I can because when the new game is in my possession, I won’t even look the old copy in the eyes. It’s sad, really (not my addiction of course) that I spend so much time with a game and break up with it after a year.

This is neither here nor there. The NBA draft is tonight.

I have only watched about four or five previous drafts in my lifetime, usually because it fails in comparison to NFL draft. The NBA draft fails for a several reasons:

  • The players are usually “one and done’ers” at their respective schools, unlike college football where players aren’t eligible until they have been out of high school for three years.
  • It’s common for international players to be hot prospects on draft day. This is out of laziness, of course, but usually I have no previous knowledge of these guys.
  • The draft consists of two rounds. Selfishly, I want more… more coverage, more prospects, more drama, and more rounds.

These flaws aren’t going away anytime soon, but this year is different – the draft is taking a backseat to the 2010 NBA free agency. It’s true, experts are using this draft, along with all the transactions before and during the draft, to see less muddied picture of where Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade and co. are going to land. Drama? Yes sir, yes ma’am.

What do we know going into the draft? John Wall is going go number one overall, the Bulls traded former Jayhawk Kirk Heinrich and their 17th pick to the Wizards, and the Kentucky diaper dandies (Thank you, Dick Vitale) will go throughout the first round. That’s about it. Sure we know about teams and the holes they hope to fill, being a combo guard or a big man, but that goes with any draft, in any sport.

This years draft looks promising to have the drama that would make any major television network’s mouth water. That’s why I’m going to watch the draft instead of play Madden. Teams are going to rebuild and look to get back on top of their divisions. The Bulls, Nets, Knicks, Heat, and Clippers still have their checkbooks open and the aforementioned top free agents numbers on speed dial. Madden? No thanks, (despite the fact I’m in Boston without my 360.)

  1. Okay…I want all the back copies of Madden…..Ebay.

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