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Bears Beat

In College Basketball on January 20, 2011 at 8:21 pm

The MSU Bears fought off  the contender, the Indiana State Sycamores, until ISU guard Jake Kelly slashed through the heart of the Bear defense to tie the game. Only if that was the end: MSU forward Kyle Weems fouled Kelly. The replay confirmed the officials’ call on the court and Kelly went on to sink the winning free throw.

The Foul

Here’s the cut and dry:

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Was it a questionable call? Yes. Most called fouls with time expiring are flagrant. This was as gentle as any foul, but there lies the truth. It was a foul.

Weems’ foul with 0.6 seconds to go is proof he played Wednesday night. Kyle Weems was not a factor in a game this season for the first time. I’m not questioning his passion, efforts or will at all, nevertheless, he was a footnote most of the game until his hand grazed the arm of the game-tying shooter.

So the Bears can’t win unless Weems is hot? This shouldn’t be the case, as the Bears have an aresenal of scorers (i.e. Jermaine Mallet, Adam Leonard, Will Creekmore, Nafis Ricks), but no one stepped up for Weems’ absence. Ricks started catching fire late in the game scoring his 10 of 17. It was too litte, too late. Let’s give credit to the scrappy ISU ball club for a dogfight; they played like their season would be defined by this game.

This game came down to one key fact — The Bears needed a defensive stop late in the game and could not do it. Ricks had a shot that made you want to question everything your 10th grade physics teacher taught you, and the Bears needed a stop. Couldn’t get it. Mallet pulled up from mid-range, hit a nice tight jumper, and the Bears needed a stop. Couldn’t get it. For being a “defensive minded” team, the Bears couldn’t keep the Sycamore points off the scoreboard.

The game in Terre Haute, Ind. that will forever be known (or at least in my mind) as “The Foul” may be the best game of the season for the Bears. They played the most physical team in The Valley, played them well, and got punched in the gut. After ESPN’s Andy Katz, the Kansas City Star, and AP Top 25 talk stroked the Bears ego this week, that’s just what this team needs. A gut-check.

  1. Hopefully this punch-in-the-gut will improve the Bears down the stretch.

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